• Fête Issue No.06

  • This issue we're on the move seeking new adventures interstate and across the globe – once again we open our doors to our readers, hosting a fête road trip restaurant at The White House in Daylesford, Victoria – what an amazing experience that was. Jane takes us on her journey to India, finding through this life-changing experience, that home really is where the heart is, no matter where that may be. Autumn has arrived and it's the ideal time of year to put the heart and soul back into your home. We share our pick of best buys for the cooler months and introduce you to some of our favourite stores and suppliers. We visit the homes of two creatives – textile designer, Tracie Ellis, and artist, Miso, to see how inspiration surrounds them in their everyday. And in an age where everything is fleeting and disposable we join the Life Captured workshop to learn the joys of memory-keeping and seeing the beauty in those closest to us.

    On sale the 3rd of April.

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